Digital Forensics is our specialty.

We have over eighteen years experience.

What do you need?

Cases worked on by us

  • Embezzlement of Corporate Funds
  • Theft of Customer Base
  • Employee Destruction of Data
  • Employee Theft of Company Information
  • Electronic Intrusion
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Divorce Cases
  • Internet Locator Services
  • Child Custody
  • And many more...

Sample client list

  • Schulten Ward & Turner
  • Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle
  • Finch McCraine Law Firm
  • Cherokee 911 Center
  • Canton Police Department
  • Cherokee County Sheriffs Department
  • Cherokee County Commissions Office
  • Athens Tennessee 911 Center
  • Australian Bodyworks Legal
  • And many more...
Data Recovery

Serving companies, law firms and three letter agencies for more than eighteen years.

FBI, SANS, Six Flags, IBM, Bell South